Galleria Indice

Galleria Indice is an online platform dedicated to contemporary photography. It deals with promoting, deepening and conveying the research of artists who include photography in their projects. Today dealing with photography and dealing with the market means sharing frequent linguistic contaminations: an expanding image that is often not limited to the photographic rectangle, but accepts and requires increasingly heterogeneous external stimuli.

For these reasons Galleria Indice proposes a broad, non-ideological investigation that retraces the demands of the contemporary in a flexible way.

Galleria Indice has selected, and continues to do so thanks to the research of the two curators Luca Zuccala and Andrea Tinterri, a series of artists who can summarize the ongoing debate, from the heritage of landscape photography of the seventies / eighties to post-photography.

The platform is characterized by a broad critical analysis in order to become a point of reference not only for collectors, but also for an audience of curators, researchers, enthusiasts, etc.

The images are accompanied by interviews and critical interventions that can contextualise and deepen the various selected projects.

Aware of the limit of the online, Galleria Indice is not limited to the space of the network but offers offline participations: exhibitions, fairs, events, conferences, etc. An indispensable synergy to bring collectors, but not only, to the ongoing debate.